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Google analytics cookies:

Every time a user visits our website, google web analytics software provided by the third party Google, generates an analytics cookie. These cookies tells us whether or not you have visited the site before. This allows us to track how many individual unique users have visited the website, and how often they visit the site. These cookies cannot be used to identify individuals; they are used for statistical purposes only. These cookies are completely anonymous, and are only used to help target content correctly.

So what exactly are 'cookies'?

'Cookies' are small text files that are stored by the browser on your computer or mobile device. Websites are able to read and write to these files, allowing them store things like user preferences. You can think of cookies as providing a "memory" for the website, enabling it to recognise a user and respond appropriately. Each website can only access cookies stored by that specific website domain, meaning that only our servers can access the cookies set by this website.

Google Adwords Remarketing cookies:

We also use Google AdWords Remarketing to advertise trigger across the Internet. AdWords remarketing will display relevant ads tailored to you based on what parts of the TriggerApp website you have viewed by placing a cookie on your machine. THIS COOKIE DOES NOT IN ANYWAY IDENTIFY YOU OR GIVE ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER. The cookie is used to say “This person visited this page, so show them ads relating to that page.” Google AdWords Remarketing allows us to tailor our marketing to better suit your needs and only display ads that are relevant to you.”

How to turn cookies off:

Please be advised that, by refusing to accept a cookie, you will not be able to use the shopping basket functions on this website and as such you will not be able to make a purchase via the website. Permanent cookie files remain on your computer's hard drive until you manually delete the file.

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